Read the following testimonials to see how ArthritisFirst has helped others…

“I began classes with Juliette in March this year. Immediately, I could see the benefit and started going twice a week. Three months later I am much more flexible and able to do things I have not been able to do for years such as moisturising my feet, putting on shoes, and standing for longer periods. My balance is much improved and I feel steadier on my feet. It’s great being with people who have the same physical difficulties and not feel any pressure because I can’t do things as well as others.”

“The atmosphere in class is one of positive co-operation without any hint of competition and it is a therapeutic experience. Juliette takes into account our individual needs and gently encourages us to extend our goals. The classes have helped me to retain my independence and improve my posture.”

“I have discovered a whole new way of exercising from toes to neck which I never thought was possible! I always feel safe in the knowledge that Juliette understands arthritis, and is very watchful to make sure we don’t overdo it. And it’s fun too!”

“I feel more mobile and always have more energy after the classes.”

Testimonials“Having had psoriatic arthritis for 30 yrs, I needed exercises to strengthen muscles and improve balance and posture. Juliette’s class is exactly what I needed. Within months I could see the improvement in my walking and posture and I no longer have the acute pain.”

“I have found Juliette’s classes very beneficial and enjoyable. The fact that she is a physiotherapist who has specialised in joint problems is very reassuring.  Her exercise classes combine gentle exercise with stretching and strengthening exercises which improve my flexibility, mobility and balance. The added bonus is that Juliette makes the classes fun and I have also met a very nice group of people with similar problems to mine. I always leave her classes feeling energised and positive.”

“As well as exactly the right kind of exercises for our aches and pains, the class gives us a sense of fun and friendship.”

“It has been a great comfort to attend this friendly and professionally led class to learn how to stretch and move my painful joints and to give me more mobility and a better sense of control over my condition.”

“My body moves and functions much better as a result of Juliette’s class and I now have 3 friends who have joined the group.”

“It’s really quite incredible the difference it has made to my mobility since joining Juliette’s Arthritis First class, and it has motivated me to continue the exercises daily at home.  I really find a difference in the level of arthritic pain if I am unable to get to the sessions.  Thank you so much Juliette.”

“I have been regularly attending the arthritis exercise class and as a result I have easier movement in my joints. At my last hospital appointment the specialist found no deterioration in my condition, which I can only surmise is due to the exercise class. An added bonus is the comfortable and congenial atmosphere of the classes, which encourage regular attendance.”

Regular exercise is very important if you have arthritis, as it can reduce pain and keep you healthy and independent.
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