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I specialise in tailor-made exercises on the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall.

I have 40 years of physiotherapy experience with the last 30 years spent in rehabilitation and arthritis management.  I have now chosen to be known as an exercise therapist.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in my teens and I know from personal experience how the pain and stiffness of arthritis can affect our everyday lives and how exercise can improve these symptoms. I have devised a variety of exercises that increase strength and mobility and improve posture and balance.

Arthritis Exercise Classes

Most of the exercises involve sitting but if you are able to, there will be a chance to exercise for a short time in standing.  All ages and abilities are catered for and I am offering a free taster class to see if it suits your needs.  Do give me a call to discuss the classes further.   


“I began arthritis exercise classes with Juliette in March this year. Immediately, I could see the benefit and started going twice a week. Three months later I am much more flexible and able to do things I have not been able to do for years such as moisturising my feet, putting on shoes, and standing for longer periods. My balance is much improved and I feel steadier on my feet. It’s great being with people who have the same physical difficulties and not feel any pressure because I can’t do things as well as others.”
Nicola, Emsworth

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Please contact Juliette for further details.